The New Web Based Inventory Management Software

Panel1-InventoryThere are many advantages to using inventory management software developed by a company such which is a leader in its industry. It is past time for all businesses to replace paper charts that are completed manually with computer based systems that allow for efficient tracking of inventory levels, purchase orders, sales and deliveries. Applications offered by this company, are easy to use and provide complete control of all assets and inventory. The new StratusInventory software application is a state of the art, web based inventory management solution. It allows companies to manage and track all their assets by using bar codes, RFID and wireless tracking technology. This is a cloud based application that translates into increased efficiency and cost effectiveness. A cloud based solution replaces traditional locally installed company network applications, by using software that is accessed and used over the internet. Such a web based application offers many advantages:

  • Deployment of the application throughout the company at various sites is fast and easy as there is no manual installation of software programs
  • Updates and new features to the application are provided automatically across the organization, instead of site by site
  • Rather than having to buy the application outright, StratusInventory users purchase only what they require and pay for service on a schedule convenient to the user
  • Instead of requiring direct access to the company server, a cloud user can access all data real time from any location that has an internet connection
  • There is little or no capital investment required for additional hardware to deploy the Stratus application 

Cloud features are not the only benefits of using StratusInventory. The developer is the recognized leader in inventory management software, and has been installed in more than 20,000 businesses worldwide. Their dedication to the industry is reflected by the capabilities it has developed in its StratusInventory software:

  • Easy to use software speeds up tracking time, reducing costs of physical inventories
  • All data is stored in a central database, allowing simplified tracking, analysis and reporting
  • All data is backed up off site, ensuring safe storage of information
  • Real time access to all data by multiple users at various locations is possible
  • Software is extremely user friendly, offers multi-language support with industry specific jargon 

Any company searching for the best inventory management system should contact them to discuss the StatusInventory application, or request a demonstration through the company website. StatusInventory is very aggressively priced and can be customized to meet all the requirements of any business.

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